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Why... because I came from a JEWISH father who preached every waking second wholesale! I believe this is the reason it is SO important for me to give you the BEST price of anyone and the BEST service of anyone! I personally make certain your art is delivered to you both quick and in MINT condition!

I have been in the art business for over 20 years! I managed the gallery at Caesar's Palace Hotel for over 10 years and then managed Martin Lawrence Gallery until I opened up Galerie Gigi in 1992. Martin Lawrence Galleries at the time was the largest gallery chain in the US and was the only art gallery publicly traded.

Galerie Gigi has been a success story ever since thanks to YOU!

If you are coming to my site to Buy, Sell or Consign Fine Art, I can help you! Call me 24 hours a day direct at 1-800-949-1957 or 702-222-2221 or email me direct at Don't forget to include a working phone number so I can call you back on my dime!

Again, thank you for visiting my site and coming back regularly!


Buy, Sell or Consign Fine Art, I can help you! Call me direct at 702-222-2221 or email me direct at
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